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Resilient deployment into cloud environments using DevOps-as-a-Service

TerraOps creates resilient deployments within cloud environments, utilizing Kubernetes and DevOps methodologies to ensure high availability and maintain uptime. Our approach incorporates infrastructure as code practices, leading to robust and scalable systems. As a trusted partner, we rely on premier cloud and server providers such as Google Cloud Provider Services and OVHcloud, with a commitment to secure deployments within European Union territory, aligning with local data sovereignty requirements. Our expertise ensures your geospatial applications are not just deployed, but thrive in the cloud with TerraOps.

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  • bullet vector iconInfrastructure as Code (IaC)
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  • bullet vector iconChaos Engineering (Resilience)
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Solutions We Offer

Streamlining Solutions for Geospatial Excellence.

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Geospatial Consultancy

TerraOps provides consultancy services tailored to the implementation and utilization of OsGEO software within geospatial projects.

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Cloud solutions

Specialized in the deployment and management of geospatial technologies within cloud environments.

Levering the power of platforms like Google Cloud Services and OVHcloud. We ensure that your geospatial applications are scalable, secure, and seamlessly integrated into the cloud.

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REST API and OGC Standards Support

Implementation and development of OGC REST API services and standards, crucial for seamless geospatial data integration, vital for creating efficient and interoperable applications for the customer's needs.


Once again, We ❤️ pygeoapi

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Geospatial Python coding

Python development, offering custom app development services that leverage the power of geospatial tools such as GDAL.

Enhanced by our deep understanding of geospatial data processing and management, we deliver solutions that meet the specific needs of projects, always in mind that app will run in cloud environments (12 factor approaches)